Rita Jamison

Rita D. Jamison is a an Ohio-based artist currently residing in Cincinnati and originally from the community of Clifton. Rita took an early interest in the arts, particularly visual art. She excelled in all of her art classes in school. Over the last several years, Rita has rediscovered her love for art after a long career in the medical field. She completed workshops and attended seminars at the University of Cincinnati to broaden her interest and develop her craft. Rita joined the Essex Studios in July of 2003 after exhibiting her artwork in private shows in her home as well as in the community through Art Aches. She also participated in the Bats Incredible? and Blasting Cancer? art competitions sponsored by Art Works Cincinnati. As her interest and exposure began to broaden, Rita began to sell a wide variety of pieces. Her primary medium is Oil paint. However she has sold a number of collages and pictorial montages.Rita says that she wants her work to provoke a sense of enjoyment and inquiry. She has participated in a number of community events and has developed a set for the Wartsville Wizard play sponsored by Keep Cincinnati Beautiful. Rita currently has pieces at the River?s Edge Gallery in Delta Airlines Terminal B of the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport. She has had her work displayed at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival in May of 2004 and the Nordheim Gallery at Holmes High School in Covington, Kentucky in February of 2005. Rita continues to exhibit and sell her work in the Essex Studios and Mt. Adams Art Walks. She has participated in the Montgomery Art Fair, Newport Art & Music Festival, and the Vinoklet Art & Wine Festival, and has expanded her exposure as an artist with participation in national venues such as the Art Expo New York event.“The minute I touch the canvas, my life starts over again. The great part is that I can create a new life every time I apply a color or a shape.”

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