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We curate artwork that makes people feel good in their space.

Art is one of the few mediums that transcends language, background, age and gender. It can fuel creativity, productivity and expression in ways that welcome people to truly enjoy their space. ArtfulPrint works with artists and galleries all over the world to customize art that fits our clients’ needs and encompasses the mood they seek to create.

Caroline T. Szivos

We can print on any substrate and in any size and our on-site production capabilities translate to faster turnaround times and quality control. Our client focus ranges from hotels & hospitality, office complexes & campus’, hospitals and senior living facilities to luxury estates, minimalist residences, trendy restaurants and customized projects.

We stand ready to produce all of your artwork and we are always happy to work hand-in-hand with procurement agencies, interior designers, art consultants and individuals so that our clients have the perfect space.

Meet our team
Caroline T. Szivos

Caroline T. Szivos is the owner and President of ArtfulPrint, LLC, a state-of-the-art digital printing company located in Manhattan, New York, specializing in producing museum quality giclée prints and large format colorgraphics. After having a successful career in sectors spanning investment banking, hedge funds and energy while living in the US and abroad, Caroline was able to combine her business experience with her global acumen to launch a successful entrepreneurial career. Since creating ArtfulPrint in 2011, Ms. Szivos...

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