The impact of art on walls

The impact of the art on your walls is often underestimated. Colors, size and theme all have the power to set the mood of a space and heighten people’s desire to be there, and come back. Studies highlighted in such publications as Forbes have shown that people working in spaces enriched by art are more productive; scientific research done at University College London revealed that looking at art can give as much joy as being head over heels in love.

ArtfulPrint supplies art all over the world and our team can work within the parameters of any project to ensure your space is perfect.

Our work is in all over the world.

New York, NY

Washington, DC

Dubai, UAE

Islamabad, Pakistan

Greenwich, CT

London, England

San Fransisco, CA

Williamstown, MA

Durham, NC

San Antonio, TX

Miami, FL

Tblisi, Georgia

Poznan, Poland

Chappaqua, NY

Philadelphia, PA

Warsaw, Poland

Sofia, Bulgaria

Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Delhi, India

Muscat, Oman

Gabrovo, Bulgaria

Niagara, NY

Jupiter, FL

Scarborough-on-Hudson, NY

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