Dominique Boutaud

Dominique Boutaud was born and raised in Nice France. Since her childhood she has always been involved in creative works of all kinds, starting with drawing that she would often make in company of her father, an awarded French artist. In her life, she gained technical familiarity with expressive work in many media practicing woodwork, ironwork, patchwork, different art craft as well as drawing, watercolor and oil painting.“As an abstract artist painter, I create artwork for a quest of meaning, authenticity and expression of hope, serenity, peace and happiness for me and others for our future. In my heart, painting is a way of living honestly and having a role as protecting peace and defending human rights in the world.” Dominique started to paint abstract in 1996 and the same year she moved to USA. Since this time she did exhibit around the world from USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, Monaco, France, Switzerland, Japan, China and she became an international artist. At the same time she received numerous awards from many countries like, in 2014, Arts-Sciences-Letters Medal in France, Citation from Margaret Wood Hassan, Governor of New Hampshire, Resolution and Key of the City of Nashua, NH, and she had been selected by the Senior members of Art Business News to be one of the top 50 artists to be watched during the year 2014-2015. Before 2014, she received, many other awards and among them, Apollo and Leonardo Da Vinci awards from Italia in Arte, Oscar de la Cultura in Florence, Collaro Accademico in Milano, also she became Maestro in Art and Academical Knight, in Italy. She got European Silver Medal from France and Excellent Art Price from Kobe Museum in Japan, Gold Medal from Le Merite de Devouement Francais? in France and many other awards.Dominique lives in Nashua, New Hampshire. She gives art classes and has done numerous of presentations of her work in High Schools, Universities, and other public and private places in USA and other countries.

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