Amy Williams

Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Amy holds a BFA from the University of Texas at Austin and has since worked in Los Angeles and New York, and currently splits her time between Brooklyn and upstate New York.
Amy’s photographs have been featured in the windows of the famous Manhattan department store, Saks Fifth Avenue, in the French art magazine, ‘Frog’, and currently on display at the 440 Gallery in Brooklyn and Galerie de Multiples in Paris.
Photography is a portable medium that allows me to capture light and abstraction into artistic images everywhere I go. Using natural elements of water, sky and trees, I use available light combined with long camera exposures to make painterly photographic compositions that have a unique rhythm and pacing. I love exploring the abstraction that occurs in an ecologically pristine environment such as swampy black swirls that melt into the surface of a lily pad, or a remote beach with few human imprints. Travels to Costa Rica, Mallorca, Versailles, as well as domestic life in rural upstate New York have become important to both the subject-matter of the images as well as the artistic vision that informs my work.

Following in the steps of Gustave LeGray, I shoot film and collaborate with a master printer to carefully handcraft each photograph as a limited-edition print. I am influenced by the work of Stanley Greenberg, Emmet Gowin and Sally Mann, and continue to explore the exciting interface of traditional photographic techniques combined with modern visual imagery.

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