Sze King Lau

Sze King Lau was born in Hangzhou, China and currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada Sze is a dreamer who dreams of becoming an artist one day when she was young, but because of different events in life, her dream seemed to have gone further and further away. Sze never gave up on her dream, and then years later… came back and found her! Sze immigrated to Canada in 1991. Sze graduated from Toronto Central Technical High School (Art program) with top grades, to continue her post-secondary education in fine art was not permitted due to family situation at the time. So Sze left Canada to her birthplace Hangzhou, China where she studied tailoring and fashion design. She chose this city because of its beautiful scenery, and many famous Chinese poets and artist got their inspiration there. In 1996, Sze had successfully opened her own fashion boutique in Toronto, for which she designed and manufactured a line of clothing–mainly for young women and children.In 2010, her two daughters began private art classes, so Sze decided to start painting again with them…and quickly realized painting is still her passion and she can be non-stop painting for hours. Her artworks became recognized by many people and organizations, and in 2013, her dream came true: Sze held her first solo exhibition in Richmond Hill, Ontario. She was honored to have her paintings selected by National Society of Fine Arts of France to exhibited at 2013 and 2014 Carrousel du Louvre Salon International Art Exhibition in Paris,andalso be selectedby La Societe des Artistes Independants in France to exhibit her work at the Grand Palais in Paris 2014.Sze has won many international awards including Knight of Malta award and La Palma dOro per lArte award, and her artwork continues to be well received, as it was from the very beginning — indeed, she held exhibits in over 7 countries in her first year of exhibition. Sze loves everything in life that is why she paints in such a wide range of subjects. In her paintings it shows her cheerful personality through those vibrant colors and her styles are free. Sze has a unique perspective of the world. She believes that it is never too late to do what you love, follow your dreams and passion. She hopes that her paintings will encourage others to do the same.

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