Solomon Okpurukhre

Solomon Okpurukhre Visual artist, Painter, Sculptor, Graphic designer, and Curator. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, he is an Austrian citizen who was formed at various schools and institutes ? After traveling and experiencing the world for several years, he moved to Dakar, Senegal in 1991, where he worked as a freelance painter and sculptor.Married since 1999, he and wife–who is Austrian–have 4 children and live in Lower Austria Waidhofen / Ybbs. In 2001, Solomon became the exhibition organizer and founder of Sarto art agency. He is currently also a Member of the Lower Austrian Cultural Networking, Art Bank Ferrum, Imago Morden Christian art and of Sculpture network Int. Since the establishment of SARTO Art Agency, he has inspired many international and regional artists to numerous works by the invitations to participate in one of the theme-related art exhibitions. Iran, Bulgaria, Austria, Czech Republic, USA, Republic of Congo, India, China, Germany Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Slovakia and Italy are some of the countries of origin of artists who have exhibited at the SARTO gallery. Over the years he has brought in such a lot of color, vitality and creativity in the areas of art for the economy? and Modern Christian Art.? Bringing together, networking and successfully cooperating are important goals of his work as a curator and organizer of art exhibitions. Various exhibitions in different Countries, as well as commissioned artworks displayed in numerous companies, associations and likewise in the possession of private art collectors. AWARD WINNER ? FIRST PRIZE ? 19th African American Art Exhibition Louisville, Kentucky, USA 2013.

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