Shanee Epstein

Shanee Epstein is an artist who lives and works in Brooklyn. Raised in Massachusetts in an artistic family, her precocious development included early training in sculpture, pottery and painting at her uncle’s studio on Cape Cod and, later, traditional figurative classes at the Worcester Art Museum. After studying art education and psychology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Epstein moved to New York where she received her MFA at Pratt Institute.
Exposure to a broader range of styles and theories stimulated the young artist’s exploration of a new visual vocabulary and she began work in collage and assemblage. An artist, an educator and a parent for the past twenty years, Epstein weaves these identities into her creative life.
Anchored in the fundamentals of formal training and enriched by a life steeped in emotional intelligence and understanding, Epstein’s art has evolved into abstract lyrical expressionism, exhibiting a layered richness and nuanced harmonies.

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