Michele Piglia

Michele Piglia is a freelance photographer with an artistic eye. She is a native to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio where her reasons for living are God and her family. Her pieces began in the mid 1970s from film cameras and have progressed to the digital age. From this progression Michele’s attention to detail, light and hue, are noticeable in her work.Her extensive background in film photography has made a huge impact on her digital work. While relying on light, exposure, and angles, there is an added element of art within all her pieces. Her landscape creations come from all over the world, from the majestic glaciers of Alaska to the cascading sunflowers of Tuscany. Her commissioned works are featured in virtual and print galleries around the greater Akron area. Michele’s galleries are unique and full of variety; from the colors and angles, to the technique and hues, her works are truly original and exceptional pieces.

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