Lidia Stetcher

Lidia was born in Santiago, Cuba, where she lived until the age of eight. Her family moved to Panama, and later to San Juan, Puerto Rico. At the age off nineteen she moved to New York to attend college. She obtained a BA from Marymount College and an MA in Psychology from New York University.Lidia is a self-taught artist. Her abstract paintings place emphasis on the expression of inner thoughts, ideas and emotions.“I use color, forms, shapes, and composition to give life to abstract concepts and feelings. My paintings are intended to represent the movement of my unconscious on canvas. Through my artwork, I express a view of the world which is not bound by material reality but rather, by the continuous evolution of everyday human emotions?.” Lidia has exhibited her paintings in art galleries and juried art shows in cities throughout the United States including, NYC, Chicago, Brooklyn, Indianapolis, Carmel IN, Dayton, Ann Arbor, etc. Her paintings can be found in businesses and homes in the USA and abroad.

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