Judith Hinton-Andrew

Judith has turned from the world of direct observation to her own inner landscape, emphasizing the process itself over a clearly defined vision of the finished work; the resulting abstract work represents an emergence of the intuitive and the primal, of pure expressive gesture that is able to both integrate and supersede formal and academic aspects of her background training. As Judith explains,?
“My painting is a continual exploration of the secret undercurrents that lie behind the mask of matter, fact and ordinary human behavior. The search characteristically has a longing for some other reality, something transcendent, magical and elusive.”
Judith was born in Victoria British Columbia, Canada and now resides in Arizona. Her work has appeared in numerous Juried Exhibitions throughout Connecticut and New York. She has won over 20 US awards for her work and was the International award winner Artist in Watercolor Competition. Her artwork appears in galleries in Arizona, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Toronto Canada.

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