Jessica Dalrymple

Jessica Dalrymple studied Fine Art at Hamilton College and received her training as a painter at The Art Student?s League of New York, where she studied with Michael Burban and her mentor Gregg Kreutz. She also attended professional workshops with Scott Christenson, John Osbourne, and Sherrie McGraw.Jessica maintains a studio in Brooklyn and exhibits with many national and regional juried shows and galleries. She teaches privately and leads an annual Meditative Plein Air Retreat in the Catskills.“I?ve been painting the landscape that surrounds me for almost 20 years. I feel compelled to capture and share the unique way in which I see and value my environments. Because I?m currently spending most of my time in an urban setting, I’ve been focused on nature in the city?. I love the idea of a city teeming with natural elements, softening the city by adding beauty, fragrance, tranquility, shade, and more.  Visually, I’m attracted to the contrasts and patterns they create: Soft leafy greens against solid geometric forms; living, breathing, growing, and changing textures against static surfaces; organic with manmade, soft with hard, loose with concrete; bright greens against brick reds; the movement of fluttering leaves casting shadows upon flat building facades and sidewalks. I value observing and sketching directly from the life as an integral part of my process.”

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