Jay Friedenberg

Jay’s work consists of digital photographic images, many of the New York City area, that are modified using software. He likes to exaggerate color intensity and uses filters that break the image up into parts while creating sketch, oil, pointillism, cartoon and graphic line effects. Historical influences on him are the impressionists and fauves. Much of his work can be considered a half-way point between painted images and photography, between the old and the new, and between the biological and the technical.Jay holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Virginia where he studied visual perception. He currently conducts research on picture perception and aesthetic judgment. He has won several local and international awards for his digital photo art including the Simply the Best 2 contest from Digital Arts California and The Artist?s Magazine All-Media Competion. He is a member of the 440 Gallery in Brooklyn, The Studio 26 Gallery in Manhattan and the Tivoli Gallery, located in Tivoli New York. He has published several books on geometric design and is a member of the American Impressionist Society, The Connecticut Pastel Society and the Mystic Art Association.

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