Donald Brown

Donald Brown is a self-taught painter currently living in Providence, Rhode Island. Reflecting his early childhood in Colorado, his years as an avid road-tripper, and his eight years living in Brooklyn, NY, his work consists of seascapes, cityscapes, and especially landscapes. His paintings border on realism at times, delve into various degrees of abstraction in others, and sometimes juxtapose styles. Always drawn to child-like pops of color, form, and exuberance, Don has spent much of the last few years painting landscapes based off of simplified, clearly delineated forms and solid, bold colors he refers to as “Shapescapes.” Over time, these paintings have become more elaborate, incorporating narrative and meditations on the process of painting and the role of the viewer. Don’s work has been shown over the last five years in group exhibitions with the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition and in other group shows in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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