Brian Allan Skinner

Brian Allan Skinner has worked extensively in publishing as a writer, editor, and graphic artist. The publications in which his work has appeared range from the literary (Kirkus Reviews) to the scientific (Scientific American Newsletters). Though he began his career in the fine arts in the traditional media of oil-on-canvas and watercolor, he now works almost exclusively in digital media. Recent explorations include cliché verre, a technique of etching and painting on glass photographic plates, in which he first dabbled over forty years ago.
Brian believes art is the struggle between the elemental forces of light and darkness, and does not aspire to settle that ageless conflict, but rather to describe his place within it:  He feels his art to be truest when the opposing influences that constitute his personality culminate towards this description; it is then that he believes he has achieved true balance.
While the images he depicts bear a resemblance to places in the real world, they remain visions of an internal landscape, a twi-lit place where boundaries are unclear, where the natural and technological are harmonious, and where he does not see himself as separate from nature.  Brian’s artwork was presented in several venues in and around New York City and in galleries in upstate New York.   He was also employed as a studio assistant and digital technician for a New York still-life photographer.
Recently, he returned to school to learn digital film editing and has since worked on four documentary films.
In 2015, Brian moved to Taos, New Mexico, a place he first visited during a cross-country train trip with his grandmother when he was eleven years old.

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