Frequently asked questions from artists:


What if I want my work to be considered for the Limited Edition Program?

Contact us about discussing your work and submitting a portfolio or samples of your work.  If accepted, we require that you provide the high resolution scans for the Giclee printing.

Don’t know where or how to get a high resolution scan of you artwork?

Contact us about the various options that are possible and resources we are able to provide you.

How do you determine how many pieces make up the Limited Edition print run of my artwork?

We work directly with you to determine the quantity that would be appropriate for each piece of art.  Each piece will be signed by you and a certificate of authenticity is issued for each piece as part of the program.

Does ArtfulPrint own the rights to my artwork?

You retain ownership of the image no matter how it is reproduced, however, with the Limited Edition program you cannot reproduce the artwork in the size that it is run as a Limited Edition again. That is how we assure the integrity of the edition.

What is a high resolution scan and why do I need to be sure that I provide one that is color corrected?

A scan that exactly represents the original artwork assures you that the piece will be reproduced as a Giclee print as you intended.  By being sure it is high resolution and that the color correction matches the original, the printing process becomes an exact reproduction.

What if I simply want to have my work reproduced on canvas or paper for myself and my clients?

Our staff will work with you to provide pricing for the printing process alone.  The work would then be shipped to you directly.

What file formats can I submit my work?

We need a high resolution file. Our equipment supports RGB, CMYK, LAB, Grayscale and Black & White files in TIFF, JPG, PDF, EPS, PS and DCS file format.

How do I upload a file?

Contact us for information on how to access your secure container on our FTP site.

Is my image archived for future use?

Your image will be stored on our FTP site under your name and available for future use.  If the image was used for a Limited Edition series, it cannot be run again at the size it was produced for in the series.  It can, however, be run as individual pieces at a different size.

What is Giclee Printing and why is it a good solution for me as an artist?

Giclee is considered by some to be twentieth century’s alternative to lithography. It is known for its amazing gamut of color and the quality of the materials that can be printed on.  The ink has an inherent long lasting quality to it, providing an archival aspect not often available through traditional printing methods.  By utilizing this method of reproducing work from you original artwork, you extend your revenue capability and provide artwork that can be sold at a lower price point than the original so you can meet the needs of a diverse clientele.

What are the benefits of the Limited Edition Series?

Limited Editions means that there is a finite number of pieces available and this give the artists the chance to not only expand the availability of the original artwork, but also price it higher than an unspecified run.

What if I want to have a several pieces of work submitted for ArtfulPrint to sell as Giclee and do not want them to be limited prints?

We are able to post your work on our site in what we consider our Retail section.  This means that our customers can select from the works posted for individual or multiple runs.  The artwork would not be considered as a Limited Edition and therefore priced accordingly in cooperation with the artist.

What types of materials can my work be printed on?

We have a selection of both canvas and paper, along with a range of other substrates that you can select from. Contact us to discuss your requirements or let us help you in making the a selection that best suits your work.

Don’t See you Question Here?

Contact us with any question you might have.  Our friendly team of professionals will work with you to resolve any problems, questions, or assistance you might need in making a decision about the best way of presenting your work.