Tom Bovo

Tom Bovo is a second generation Brooklyn, NY native who studied painting and printmaking at Columbia University under noted artists such as print makers Andre Racz and Robert Blackburn, as well as painters David Lund and Leon Goldin. This mixture of influences, from abstract expressionist and surrealist, the more matured objective visions of the teachers Tom encountered at Columbia, and the art of the 70?s and 80?s form the primordial creative soup he has become.Although the tools are secondary to the vision, he keeps returning to the camera as a primary tool and medium of choice, especially now that digital imaging opens a whole range of possibilities to create images. His images are not accidents: ?”The camera does not reveal things that do not exist, but can reveal the things we filter out when looking directly at them?. As a tool, it reveals street reflections in a window, or an urban landscape reflected in the glass of a building. Using the images that a photograph creates is idealism and romanticism form and color and profundity all wrapped up together. There are visual patterns, textures, and colors at play, and the ironies of the representational forms.”Tom has been working almost exclusively in photography since 1985, doing commercial photography for 10 years. He now concentrates on his own work.

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