Karla Bratfisch

Karla Bratfisch was born in 1992, in a small town in the suburbs of the state of Sao Paulo. At a young age, Karla already demonstrated her interest in the world of arts and colors. Initially, her contact with this alternative world view was through classes at private art studios, which later on was perfected by her own experience at national and international exhibitions. In addition to her own talent and private lessons, this artist also dedicated herself to Visual Art courses at the University of Belas Artes, in Sao Paulo and courses of Interior Design.

Her work establishes a connection that goes beyond the visual aspect. Her admirers understand the traits outlined and the overlapping colors in a unique way, as if they are speaking to her creations without words or gestures. With just a glimpse, the emotions derive from the soul to the unconscious of those who enjoy her work. This intimate relationship between admirer and art can be seen and felt in Karla Bratfisch’s productions.

At the age of 22, with five years of experience in her career, Karla has already created eleven series and has produced more than one hundred paintings. The artist has participated in about eighty exhibitions in Brazil and other countries (USA, France, Switzerland, England, Italy and Portugal) and states Expressing myself through art is what keeps me alive, and this is what I want to do forever.

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