Eric Blackman

“My artistic journey as a visual artist did not begin when I was in school, nor did it begin in my early professional career in commercial photography. My journey truly began on May 5th, 2011, that was the day I was hit by a car while I was riding my bicycle home from the studio. The accident seemed unfair and a demoralizing setback, however this would be the catalyst that would help me realize and define my true purpose.Being house and wheelchair bound for 2 months gave me ample time to ponder the current direction of my work and how it was no longer what I desired. A bumper sticker that said ‘Live Art’ was the final bit of information needed to take a huge hint from the universe. Letting go and living art allowed this answer to begin multiplying and has not stopped since. In the process providing a plethora of inspirations, insights, amazing people, experiences and eventually finding home in Big Sur.As is common for artists certain sacrifices must be made in the quest to manifest your desired reality and to allow your vision to blossom. However you realize these sacrifices are the very lessons that allow for further inspiration and are fuel for the road you are traveling.As a human I do not seek to only provide beauty or a common message, I want to expand the viewers mind and pass on knowledge given to me. This aspiration is most apparent in the series Chakra Mandala’s and Esoteric Vision. The images that comprise these series are visions I have been allowed to see, experience and absorb.”-Eric Blackman

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