Ellen Kozak

I live beside the Hudson River, and my visual ideas come from closely observing the river’s motion, as water has always fascinated me and been my subject for over twenty years. The Hudson serves as my muse and as my lens.
I am enchanted by color and I enjoy looking closely at things. This is another way of saying that I’m good at looking at one thing for long periods. Close scrutiny engages the present and slows down time. It reveals meaning, complexity and connection. Since I began teaching a class in Light and Color at Pratt Institute, color has been my prime motivation.
I have studios in New York City and in Greene County New York, and my current work explores equivalences in the behavior of my subject and my materials.
All of my paintings begin on site. I use the Hudson’s reflective surface as a giant and watery lens. Its watery plane collects activity from above: the movements of clouds, fog, foliage, birds, as well as planes in flight, oil tankers, barges and other man-made disturbances.My connection to the river has grown to include a sense of responsibility.
I am a founding member of Riverkeeper’s Leadership Council, a watchdog and enforcement organization that helps establish global standards for waterway and watershed protection.
Ellen Kozak

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