David Friedman

With color as his metaphor for spirit, David Friedman’s art is a visual meditation. He invites you to a place beyond the surface to a richer, deeper place. With a focus on the expressiveness of color and the radiance of light as essential themes, he has been called a magic realist? and visionary colorist?.Born in Chicago, he grew up in Minneapolis, enjoying many pastoral summers and surviving too many drab winters. Early art themes explored mandalas, sacred geometry, interlacements and visual paradoxes. Since 1983, he has lived in bright, warm Honolulu, Hawaii. His art portrays the sparkling energy and pulse of life in chromatic, dramatic mountainscapes and pounding coastlines, brilliant exotic flowers and primal rain forests. His art has won many awards in Painting including Best in Show?, Honorable Mention? and Peoples Choice? as well as Featured Artist? on online art blogs.Friedman designed and created The Kaleidoscope Room? and The Magic Eye?, educational inter-active visual environments for children’s museums. He was Art Director of “Electric Gallery” a pioneering video art showcase on Hawaii community television. As Graphic Designer, he has generated logos, supergraphics, visual games and commercial signage systems for offices, hotels and airports.Teaching experience includes Color, Painting, Drawing, Computer Skills and Special Education. Friedman’s dynamic creative evolution is fueled by the matrix of Fine and Graphic Arts on a continuum from Vermeer to video games.

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