Beyti Barbaros

Born in 1977 in Turkey, lived most of his life in the city of Izmir which is located at the shore of Aegean Sea that is considered California of Turkey. Moved to United States in 2007. Started photography with his son`s birth. Like many photographer, his first steps into photography was following his son`s first steps. Then he found his life`s passion.He is a Philocalist (lover of beauty) and feels lucky to live right next to the most wonderful city in the world, New York City. This City is considered The Center of The Universe by millions of souls who were lucky enough to witness her beauty with their own eyes or living their life dreaming of seeing that. He is literally in love with her. And when that love met with his unique photography skills, the magic began.Beyti believes once you love something with your whole mind and soul, there is nothing you cannot learn. His more than 10 years of completely self-taught photography skills and out of the box approach to New York City creates photographic artworks you have never seen before. When you think about NYC pictures, every photo might have been taken thousands of times by thousands of photographers. His unique point of view, thinking and editing style allows Beyti to create scenes like you’ve never seen before from any photographer.

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